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Malcolm & Betty Goodman Wedding


Betty J. & Malcolm E. ('Bose') Goodman
on their Honeymoon Trip

Malcolm E. ('Bose') & Betty J. Goodman's Bond Lake Cottage, Niagara County, NY
(1946 or 1947)

Goodman Family

Our Goodman family originated in Germany and migrated to Western NY in the mid-1800's.

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The original German name for the family was Godemann. The family name was later changed to Goodman, but you can still see the original spelling on some headstones in St. Peter Lutheran Cemetery in North Ridge, and on some of the original family documents.

Our Godemann / Goodman family was German Lutheran.

There are other Goodman families in Niagara County that are not related. One family was also from Germany, with an original surname of Guttemann.

There are also other Goodman families in the area, who are Jewish, and are not related.

For more information about our Goodman family, use the Goodman link under Families, at the top of this page. 

Oliphant Family

The Oliphant family originated in what is now Norway, migrating to what is now Scotland and later to England.

Our branch of the family started with Duncan Oliphant who immigrated to Staten Island in the 17th Century, when it was part of New Amsterdam and under Dutch Control. Duncan later moved to the Colony of New Jersey. Family members eventually migrated to PA, NY, and Canada. In the early 1800's, Peter S. Oliphant left Canada, purchasing property in Lockport. Peter then sold his Lockport property, purchasing a farm on the Ridge Road in Cambria, NY. Peter was married three times. He had nine children by his first wife, none by the second, and two by his third wife.

All members of our Oliphant family are descended from Peter S. Oliphant.

There are relatives of Peter S. Oliphant's Canadian family who settled in Lancaster, Erie County, NY.

There is another Oliphant family that migrated to N.Y. State, which has family members buried in Lewiston, NY. There is no connection between that Oliphant family and ours on this side of the Atlantic. There's probably a distant connection in England or Scotland.

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Aron Oliphant U.E.L.

Aron Oliphant was a brother of Peter S. Oliphant of Niagara County, NY. Aron Oliphant was born in N.Y. State, but migrated to Canada about 1808. Aron's parent's and te rest of the family followed Aron to Canada just before the War of 1812.

Aron fought on the British side in the War, stationed in Fort York (now in Toronto). Aron's brother, Peter S. Oliphant is related, through his third wife, Anna Augusta Pierce, to Gad Pierce II.

Gad Pierce II was active in an American Militia, against the British. His tavern in what is now Niagara Falls, NY, was burned by the British when they attacked the Niagara Frontier.

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Greg Goodman and his mother Marie Goodman visiting his uncle, (Marie's Brother-in-law) Malcolm E. ('Bose') Goodman at the Odd Fellow & Rebekah Nursing Home, Lockport, NY (2012)


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Silas M. Oliphant Barn For Sale

The remains of a barn once owned by Silas M. Oliphant on Ridge Road (Rt 104) is now for sale as a kit.

ReUse Action, of Buffalo, is now offering this barn for sale.



ReUse Action Logo

980 Northampton Street
Buffalo, New York 14211


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Gad Pierce II: US Militia

WAR OF 1812

Historical Marker 

Gad Pierce II was born in 1768 in Massachusetts. He was among the very first settlers in what is now the City of Niagara Falls, NY. He established a tavern on the site of the Niagara Falls Library, near the intersection of Main Street & Pierce Avenue. He fought the British and Indians when they attacked his tavern in 1813. He also helped lead the local Militia against the British.

Gad's grandaughter, Anna Augusta Pierce, married Peter S. Oliphant of the Town of Cambria. Peter S. Oliphant was the father of R.E. Lee Oliphant and grandfather of Ennis C. Oliphant.

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Pierce's Tavern Historical Marker at the Niagara Falls Public Library Niagara Falls, NY

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Malcolm E. ('Bose') Goodman

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Malcolm E. ('Bose'), Betty J., and sons: Stephen ('Steve') E., Gerald ('Ed') E., Douglas ('Doug') Goodman in the 1950s (probably about 1956/57)

   Family Lands and Property Records

"In Lilleford William Olyfart holds 5 hides of fee of King of Scotland; held by Walter of Countess Judith in 1068 ..."
Domesday Book, Lilford, Huxloe Hundred, Northamptonshire, England (1085-1086 AD/CE)

England: Northamptonshire - 11th Century AD / CE*

* AD: "Anno Domini" / CE: "Common (or 'Current') Era"

William Oliphant (11th Century AD /CE)

In the time of King Edward the Confessor, 5 hides in Lilford were the property of Thurchil, who held them freely. They had probably been afterwards granted to Waltheof, Earl of Huntingdon, who married Judith, the Conqueror's niece. Judith continued to hold in 1086 after the execution of her husband in 1075. Their eldest daughter and coheir Maud was given in marriage by William to his Norman follower Simon de St. Lis or Senliz, who was made Earl of Northampton and Huntingdon, and after his death she was married to David, later king of Scotland, who became Earl of Huntingdon. The overlordship then followed the descent of the earldom and honour of Huntingdon. The tenants in demesne were the Oliphants (Olifard, Holyfard) who from being holders of land in England under the kings of Scotland transferred their allegiance to Scotland, becoming magnates and peers there. Three branches of the family apparently held lands within the counties of which the King of Scotland was earl. The earliest member of the family as yet found is Roger Oliphant who witnessed a charter of Simon de St. Liz to St. Andrew's Priory, Northampton, not later than 1108. In the survey of the reign of Henry I (1100–35) William Oliphant was holder of 5 hides in Lilford of the king of Scotland and was living about 1147. He was probably succeeded by David Oliphant godson of King David of Scotland, who assisted at King David's escape after the rout at Winchester in 1141. It was he probably who was attesting charters to 1167. His successor was possibly William whose name appears in these counties about this time. Walter Oliphant was given as a hostage by William of Scotland in 1174 and a William and his sister Agatha were connected with Northamptonshire in 1201. It was another Walter, probably, whose land in Lilford was in 1216 committed to Ralf de Trubleville. This Walter was a man of considerable importance in Scotland, holding the office of justice of Lothian and being constantly in attendance on the king. He presented to the church of Lilford in 1228 and he  and William Oliphant were dealing with lands in Lilford and Wigsthorpe in 1232. In 1242–3 the heir of Walter Oliphant (as though Walter were dead) is said to hold one fee in Lilford of the Earl of Albemarle of the Honour of Huntingdon.  This heir was apparently David Oliphant, one of the magnates of Scotland, who in 1244 was returned as holding one fee in Northamptonshire of William de Forz, Earl of Albemarle, and Christine his wife. It would seem that this David was dead without issue before 1266 when Walter de Moray (Moravia), apparently one of his heirs, presented to the church of Lilford. Divorgilla his widow, described as Lady of Lilford, held the manor of Lilford for life by gift of Walter de Moray, who reserved the advowson of the church. Divorgilla Oliphant gave to Divorgilla daughter of Sir Walter Montfichet (Montefixo) all the lands in Armiston which she held by gift of Roger Wallenger, with remainders to Divorgilla Montfichet's brothers Laurence and John. In 1287 William Montfichet, Lord of Kirgill (Kirkhill) in Scotland, and heir of the Lady Divorgilla Oliphant, Lady of Lilford, granted the lands he had received from her to Laurence son of Sir Walter de Montfichet, his kinsman, with reversion to John son of the said Laurence. In 1296 Divorgilla claimed the advowson of the church of Lilford against William son of Walter de Moray, and the King presented because the lands of Scottish magnates had been taken into his hands. The presentation to the church was made in 1228 by Walter Oliphant, and the early history of the advowson is to be found with that of the manor (q.v.), with which it was held until, in 1383–4, Robert de Willoughby of Eresby and his wife Margaret made a conveyance of land in Lilford and of the advowson to Sir John Holt, kt., and others, from whom they were acquired in 1387 by John de Buckingham, Bishop of Lincoln.  http://www.lilfordhall.com/History/Jacobean.asp

Province of West New Jersey: 18th Century AD /CE

1674-1702: West Jersey and East Jersey were two distinct parts of the Province of New Jersey.

Ducan Oliphant (1673-1734), of Scotland, Staten Island, and West New Jersey

After living on Staten Island, under the Dutch, Duncan Oliphant migrated to Amwell Township in the Colony of New Jersey. Duncan Oliphant left Staten Island and went to what was then the Province of West New Jersey. He owned property on the Old York Road, Amwell Township, Hunterdon County, N.J. When Duncan died, his farm was divided among three sons: David, James, and Ephraim Oliphant (1717-1794)

Duncan Oliphant Estate

Pennsylvania & New York: 18th Century AD /CE

James Oliphant (1724-1816), of Staten Island, NJ, PA, and NY

James , a son of Duncan Oliphant, inherited part of his father's farm in Amwell, NJ. He moved to Northampton County, Pennsylvania. James later migrated to Ballston Township, Saratoga County New York State, where he is buried.

James OLIPHANT, Son of Duncan Oliphant and Mary GARRISON, was born in 1724, on Staten Island, Richmond, NY; married Jane WORTMAN in either Hunterdon, NJ, or Northampton, PA. James Oliphant lived in Upper Bethel, Northampton, PA, next to James Richart, have maps of properties. Jane Oliphant married James Richart about 1773 or so. In 1800 they were in Northumberland county, PA. references: 1790, 1800 Censuses, deeds, tax exonerations.

OLLOFEND, James, fa'r, 18s,8d. ... He probably went to NY about 1785-6 with son Duncan. from History and Antiquities of PA. by Sherman Day, 1842.

James Oliphant Obit

James OLIPHANT (son of Duncan) was born Bet. 1719 - 1724, and died 17 Jun 1816. He married Jane WORTMAN. Children of James OLIPHANT and Jane WORTMAN are: Andrew OLIPHANT, d. 16 Apr 1824. James OLIPHANT. Duncan OLIPHANT, b. 12 Aug 1748; d. 02 May 1822; m. (1) Rachel WOODRUFF; m. (2) Jennett VANDENBURGH. Peter W. OLIPHANT, b. 12 Sep 1762; d. 27 Aug 1846.

Upper Canada / Canada West: 19th Century AD /CE

Aron OLIPHANT (1788-1868) was a son of Peter W. OLIPHANT (1762-1846). His mother was probably Peter's first wife, Eve KRIBS / CRIPPS, although some researchers list him as the son of Peter's secong wife, Elizabeth ('Betsy') SCOFIELD (1768-1826). He was born in Bucks County, Pennsylvania February 17, 1788 (His father was also born in PA). He married 3 times. He married his first wife, Catherine HENDERSHOTT (1779-1848) in 1806 in PA. Aron married his second wife, Elizabeth (1800-1861) (a widow of Fancis BLAIR) in 1848. Aron married his third wife, Sarah CARKRIFF in 1862. Aron OLIPHANT died August 29, 1868. Aron OLIPHANT preceeded his parents and sibblings, arriving in Upper Canada / Canada West, in what is now Ontario, as early as 1806, settling in what is now Halton County, ON. His parents were still in Herkimer County, NY, where his half-brother, Peter S. OLIPHANT was born in 1805. The family was still in Herkimer County, NY during the 1810 Census, but apparently migrated to Canada sometime before the War of 1812. The family settled in the Clarkson area (now part of Mississauga), in what is now the Region of Peel. Many members of this family, including Aron OLIPHANT and his wives, are buried in Springcreek Cemetery, Mississauga, ON, Canada. Having preceeded the family to Canada about 1806, Aron became a Private in the 2nd Regiment, York Militia (York was the previous name for Toronto), fighting on the British side as a "United Empire Loyalist" during the War of 1812. Aron OLIPHANT's Regiment fought with Sir Issac Brock at the Battle of Queenston Heights Aron Oliphant did not participate, because he was "on Furlough" at the time of this Battle (October 13, 1812). See PAY RECORDS below.

Documents 226 to 228
June 29 to Oct. 24, 1812
Second Regiment of York Militia
Captain John Chisholm’s Company

Signed Feb. 26, 1813 by John Chisholm at Queenston. Signed by Will Crooks J.P. Documents 230 and 231 had the same muster but without the dates served. It was signed by Thos. M Cormack, Pay Master.

No. Rank and Names From To Days Remarks
13 Aaron Alefont Sept. 25 Oct. 24   on Furlough
19 Danl. Greenes Sept. 25 Oct. 24 30  

Source: http://www.ogs.on.ca/services/pdfs/2nd-regiment-Payrolls.pdf NOTE: "Aaron Alefont" is Aron OLIPHANT, who was "on Furlough" September 25 - October 24, 1812 "Danl. Greenes" is Daniel GRINNIS (GEENIAUS). Daniel GEENIAUS' sister, Catharine GREENIAUS, married Hiram W. OLIPHANT, a Half-brother of Aron OLIPHANT.


New York State: 19th-21st Centuries AD /CE

Peter Oliphant (1762-1846), of Pennsylvania, New York, and Ontario

Peter Oliphant (1762-1846), son of James and grandson of Duncan Oliphant, was born in Pennsylvainia. He was married twice. His first wife, Eve Kribs (or Cripps), was born in 1765 on Staten Island. Eve and Peter Oliphant had a son, Aron Oliphant, 1788-1868. Aron was in Canada as early as 1806. He fought on the British side during the War of 1812. Peter Oliphant's second wife was Elizabeth Scofield (1768-1826), born in Connecticut. Peter & Elizabeth (Scofield) Oliphant's children included Elizabeth A., Peter S., Hiram W., and possibly a John Oliphant. Peter S. Oliphant (son of Peter & Elizabeth), was born in 1808 in Herkimer County, NY. His parents and sibblings later followed his step-brother, Aron, into Canada (between 1810 and 18:12). Peter S. Oliphant arrived in Niagara County, New York State, in 1826.



Gerald Edward ("Ed") Goodman: 1954-2014

Newfane - Gerald E. "Ed" Goodman died suddenly at his home on Tuesday, June 17, 2014 at the age of 59. Ed was born July 24, 1954 in Niagara Falls, NY, the son of the late Malcolm E. and Betty Jane (Oliphant) Goodman. He was a 1972 graduate of Newfane High School and had attended Niagara County Community College. He enlisted in the U.S. Navy in October of 1972 and served until his Honorable Discharge in July of 1975. Along with his brother, Stephen, Ed owned and operated Betty Jane Cabins in Newfane. He had also worked at Lebrag-Garbel Welding in Lockport. Ed was a life member of the Niagara County Motorcycle Club, a member of the Concordia Lutheran Church in Newfane, and the Antique Motorcycle Club of America. He was appreciated for his knowledge and lifelong passion for old machinery, particularly his antique motorcycles. Ed was a lover of music, and especially enjoyed playing his guitar. He also was an avid reader. He is survived by his wife of 27 years, Rebecca A. (Hoffner) Goodman; his children, Jenifer A. Edgar of Newfane, Ellen M. (Leo) Walker of Asheville, NC, Natalie J. (Josh) Verheyn of Indiana, and Gloria (Bart) Langendorfer of Ransomville; his grandchildren, Nyx Verheyn, Duane Langendorfer, and Julius Walker; two brothers, Stephen (Susan) Goodman of Newfane and Douglas Goodman of Port Townsend, WA; and several aunts, uncles and cousins.Friends may call at HARDISON FUNERAL HOME, 3648 Ransomville Road, Ransomville on Friday from 4 - 8 pm. Funeral Services will be held Saturday, June 21, at 11:00 AM in the funeral home, with the Rev. David Duke officiating. Burial will follow in North Ridge Cemetery, Church Rd. Town of Cambria. In lieu of flowers, memorials may be made to Concordia Lutheran Church, 3121 Beebe Rd., Newfane, NY 14108.